Do You Want to Become a Calgary Homeowner?

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We have a great program here in Calgary for people that are thinking about becoming homeowners. We call it our Tenant Transition Program, and it’s geared to create homeowners out of our tenants.

We have a wide breadth of service here, and to qualify for this program you need to have a Realtor, and you need to get qualified for a mortgage. What we do in the Tenant Transition Program is to let you out of your lease at any point in time without any charges or marketing fees. You will also not have any additional obligations towards the balance of your lease.

Does this sound too good to be true? It’s not!

You will have to work with one of our Redline buyer representatives to help find a home, and you have to be qualified through a Mortgage Line mortgage associate.

This is our way of giving back to you4. We want you to be educated as a homeowner and fully understand the responsibilities of being a homeowner.

Many of our tenants have gone through this program and they are now happy homeowners. Owning a home is so much better than renting, and homes are unbelievably affordable right now!

Please don’t hesitate to talk to us about this program. We would love for you to find you a good place to call home!