Essential Calgary Home Buying Tip No. 4: The Offer

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There are five essential tips to for buying a home in Calgary, and today we’re on number four.

Check out the three previous steps here: Step 1, Step 2, Step 3.
Step four is the offer on the home.

A couple of things to note about making an offer on a single-family home or a condo - we want the offer to be as clean as possible. This means we don’t want a lot of terms and conditions. That said, there are a couple standard terms that I always have in my purchase contracts with my clients, like a walkthrough 24 hours prior to possession, a home inspection at the buyer’s expense performed by a licensed professional to the buyer’s satisfaction, and other things depending on the state of the home. These can be things like carpet cleaning.

A couple of standard conditions would be financing, as well as the home inspection. We never recommend going in without any conditions whatsoever. If you have an agent recommending that you go in without a financing condition or make an offer without a home inspection condition, I’d suggest that you walk away immediately, regardless if you’re competing for the property. You don’t want to deny yourself the opportunity to get out of a contract if something happens along the process.

Finally, determine what the possession day will be. It’s always negotiable. We want to be sure we’re working with the seller to achieve a possession date that’s going to work for everybody. Then there are other components to the contract like deposit and down payment, and then the offer itself.

Hopefully, this gives you a better picture of the offer! If you have any questions, make sure reach get in touch with us soon. We look forward to hearing from you.